The Siasconset Union Chapel was built in 1883 as an ecumenical “House of Worship” and has hosted Protestant and Roman Catholic services for many years since. The Chapel is at the heart of the “Sconset community. It is the meeting place for prayer, song, message, marriage, contemplation and a place for annual renewal and resumption of friendships.

The ‘Sconset Chapel property consists of the Chapel building, a parsonage, the community green and the memorial gardens with our Columbarium. In 2007, the Massachusetts Historical Commission granted an historic preservation restriction to the Chapel ensuring that it will remain as is for years to come.


December 5, 2015

Yesterday was the awards breakfast for the Community Foundation grants and I was so proud that the Chapel was publically thanked in front of a large group of people for its ongoing support. We got a big round of applause and many people came up to me afterward to say thanks. 24 nonprofits received awards totaling $138,720!

To the Chapel community - we may not be open just now but we are sure a big presence on the island.

Merry Christmas!

Mimi Young

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Consider ordering the book, Behold: The Siasconset Union Chapel, or a Christmas ornament for gift giving. Click here for more information.


Letter from the Board Chair

Fall 2015

From Catherine Saynor

This last weekend brought a taste of fall to 'Sconset when hurricane Joachim passed to our south with heavy rain and wind, replenishing our parched landscapes and loosening some tree limbs from fragile attachments. Many of us too are loosening ourselves for impending departures, though I venture to say that the attachments of our lives here are rooted deep and will hold fast  through the winds of change that blow everywhere, even through our beloved Sconset.


Letter from Rev.
J. Carr Holland III


Fall 2015

Dear Friends of the Chapel:

I have been puzzling about the notion that we are a summer Chapel. Our life TOGETHER does not seem as thin as that title might indicate. We grow deep connections over the months we share which may be why so many return here not only to worship, but to marry, baptize, bury. The chapel becomes home to many of us even if only for a few weeks.


Worship Schedule

Protestant Services

Sundays 10:30 AM
June 12, 2016
to September 18, 2016

Eucharist Healing Services

Thursdays 8 AM
2016 Dates TBA

Roman Catholic Services

Sundays 8:45 AM
2016 Dates TBA

Sunday Beach Service

2016 Dates TBA


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