Outreach Report

The Siasconset Union Chapel is blessed in so many ways. As members of the Outreach Committee, we are particularly grateful for the caring and generous community of which we are a part. It was because of your support last year that we raised more funds than ever, and were able to double the Chapel’s giving to those in need on Nantucket Island.

As you may know, the mission of the Outreach Committee is to provide support for “health and human services on Nantucket Island and beyond.” And, as you may have guessed, needs in those areas have only increased in recent years with so many livelihoods disrupted due to the persistent pandemic, the increased cost of living, interrupted school routines, and the scarcity of affordable housing for those who work on Nantucket. In 2021, the Committee was intent on focusing on housing and behavioral health needs for those who live year-round on the island.

We have two separate giving cycles – one in May and another in early September. This again was done in recognition of the immediate and pressing needs that we knew existed. Our funds provided money for housing and fuel assistance, behavioral health, meals programs, safety from abuse, laundry stipends, scholarships, professional support for teachers, and all-important travel assistance for health reasons. Last year, 18 non-profits received Outreach assistance: A Safe Place, Boston Med Flight, David Glidden Travel Fund, Fairwinds, Habitat for Humanity, Immigration Resource Center, Marla Ceely Lamb Travel Fund, Nantucket Boys and Girls Club, Nantucket Food, Fuel and Rental Assistance, Nantucket Housing, PASCON, Rising Tide, St. Paul’s Laundry Love, St. Paul’s Meals Mission, Small Friends, The Community Foundation – Behavioral Health Initiative, The Community Foundation – new Community Housing Trust Fund, and The Community Foundation – The Nantucket Fund.

Funds for Outreach come from collections on two summer Outreach Sundays. Once again, there will be one Outreach Sunday in July and another in August. An amazing Concert by Jamie McLean was held on the Chapel lawn.

Also, the Outreach Committee, in partnership with the Hospitality Committee, Gliddens Seafood, and the Food Pantry, hosted the second annual Lobster Lalapalooza in August. 

And a huge thank you to all of you for your continued support of Outreach. We could not begin to help our valued neighbors and island community without your support. We look forward to seeing you, and reuniting and celebrating another summer in our beloved Chapel.

Eileen Shields West,
Chairman Outreach committee

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