President's Report

Summer 2020

Dear Friends of the Chapel,

I hope this finds you healthy and hopeful as we approach our 137th year at the Siasconset Union Chapel. Although the Summer 2020 season might be different than what we have anticipated and experienced in the past, it will be wonderful to reunite with friends and neighbors, in perhaps new socially distanced ways.

No one could have predicted the magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic. We have all been affected in similar yet different ways. Fear, sorrow and solitude accompany overwhelming health and economic challenges for many. As we continually hear, it is hard to grasp what the “new normal” will be. Personally, I hope we will all look forward to the kindness and joy that our tight-knit community seems to radiate. The usual smiles with which we greet one another, even if still hidden behind masks, will mean that much more. Perhaps happiness and a sense of purpose will be reflected more in our eyes and deeds rather than at larger gatherings. Perhaps we might be able to gather more closely in the weeks after you read this.

Since much is unknown at this writing I cannot provide you with a calendar displaying a full schedule of worship services, speakers or outside events. I can promise you that Carr, your Board, various committees and staff have been discussing many logistical and creative ideas, especially with respect to how we will conduct our Sunday Services, including inside, outside and/or virtual options. Please reach out to any of us as we manage a fluid plan designed with every best intent. We are striving to meet all health, social distancing, individual and spiritual needs and expectations that we can.

During the winter months, pre-Covid 19, your board gathered telephonically to address all Chapel matters. Special thanks to our Finance committee, headed by Jamie Holt, for the time consuming process of setting our annual budget. The Board then gives every line item thoughtful attention before voting on the current budget. The maintenance of our buildings, the needs of our community and the current columbarium and grounds landscaping project (please see separate aticle in this newsletter) were also discussedin detail.

We are always most grateful for your generous support which enables the Chapel to carry out its mission. As you are aware, we are totally dependent upon your gifts to keep the Chapel and our Outreach Program viable. Thank you for your generosity in recognizing and addressing these ever present needs. Our Outreach committee met in the Spring to begin addressing specific island needs resulting from this health and economic crisis. Sincere thanks to Deb Martin and committee members, all of whom jumped right into research and a resulting early grant to A Safe Place.

While alternate early summer worship plans are being developed, we hope that the Chapel can still offer a quiet place to retreat for personal reflection and meditation. We will keep you posted on that as well as an increasing calendar of events. Carr, Maxwell and Lady plan on arriving at the beginning of June. I look forward to greeting each of you and together we will acclimate to a different yet enjoyable summer!

All the Best,

Patti Brown
President of the Board of Trustees

Officers 2019–2020

President - Patti Brown Clerk - Robert Felch
Vice President - Ann Johnson Secretary - Deb Martin
Vice President - Robert Felch Minister - The Rev. J. Carr Holland III
Treasurer - Jamie Holt  

Board of Trustees 2019–2020

Patti Brown Mary Malavase
Maggie Cooley Daphne McCarthy
Robert Felch Deb Martin
Ray Grubbs Julia Ogilvy
Jeffrey Haines Eileen Shields West
Jamie Holt George Wilson
George Hubbs Joe Wright
Ann Johnson  

Ex-Officio Trustees 2019–2020

President Emeritus Catherine Saynor
President Emeritus Jeffrey Lockhart
President Emerita Mimi Young
Chair - Columbarium Robert Felch
Chapel Administrator Sheila Daume
Roman Catholic Clergy Father John P. Kelleher

Board Committee Chairs 2019–2020

Buildings George Wilson
Finance and Investments Jamie Holt
Grounds Patti Brown
Investment s Jamie Holt
Hospitality Ann Johnson
Outreach Deb Martin
Events Julia Ogilvy
Preservation Jeffrey Lockhart
Pastoral Support and Review Robert Felch
Worship and Christian Foundation Jeff Haines

Standing Committee Chairs 2019–2020

Caretaking Pavlin Vitanov
Columbarium Robert Felch
Flowers Sheila Daume
Scheduling Mary Will
Wedding Coordinator Barbara Bispham
Docents Daphne McCarthy
Christmas Mailing Sheila Daume
Newsletter Sheila Daume and Deb Martin

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